Hot spring page of Le Grand Kyu Karuizawa

Natural Hot Spring Bath,

Our natural onsen water with thick texture is delivered directly from Hanamaki Minami Onsen Kyo in Iwate,
which is said to feel like a skin moisturizer.
Soak yourself in this notable "Hot Spring of Beauty" to experience one of the Japan's well-known hot springs here in Karuizawa.

Facility Information

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Open-Air Bath
(Natural Hot Spring)

This is the one and only open-air natural hot spring bath in Kyu-Karuizawa area. It gives you gentle bathing treatment under the warm sunlight in the daytime and the starry sky at night. Soaked in the natural hot spring from Hanamaki Onsen with feeling nature and clear air of Karuizawa around, you will surely have the most luxurious moment and extreme moisturizing experience available exclusively here.
※Please be noted about the temperature difference between onsen and the outside air.

■ About Natural Hot Spring
Our natural hot spring is delivered directly from "Yamanokami Onsen," 100% pure hot spring from Hanamaki Minami Onsen Kyo in Iwate. It is famous as one of the Hot Springs of Beauty, and notable for various indications as well as its surprisingly thick and smooth moisturizer-like texture.
>Spring Quality and Indications

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Indoor Bath
(Natural Hot Spring)

Filled with the same hot spring water from Hanamaki Onsen as in the open-air bath, our indoor bath lets you have a nice view of nature of Karuizawa and our open-air bath right from the spacious windows. Please relax your mind and body in the large comfortable bathtub, gently illuminated by the warm sunlight and the moonlight pouring in from outside.

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Dressing / Waiting Room

We have lockers for valuables, lockers for clothes, and dressing tables in the dressing room. For guests' convenience, we made each locker big enough for use and prepared the enough number of lockers for valuables, 33 each for men and women.

In front of the dressing room, there is a waiting room where you can wait for your companies and help yourself to free cold drinking water.

Onsen Information

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■Opening Hours
6:00-10:00, 15:00-24:00
Free of charge for guests staying at the hotel.
(An additional bath tax of 150 yen is applicable to any guests over 11 years old.)
[For Men]
  • Hair Brushes /
  • Cotton Swabs /
  • Cotton Puffs /
  • Tissue Papers /
  • Skin Lotions /
  • Milky Lotions /
  • Razors /
  • Shaving Lotions /
  • Hair Tonics /
  • Hair Lotions /
  • Hair Dryers
[For Women]
  • Cotton Swabs /
  • Cotton Puffs /
  • Skin Lotions /
  • Milky Lotions /
  • Hair Brushes /
  • Tissue Papers /
  • Hair Dryers
■ Notes
・We strictly prohibit guests who have tattoos and/or are too much drunk from entering our onsen facilities.
・Guests with any contraindications to bathing are never be allowed to take a bath in our onsen facilities.
・We may ask guests whose behavior is inappropriate or harmful to others to leave the facilities.

Day Trip Hot Spring

Day Trip Hot Spring image

Once you soak in our thick-textured onsen surrounded by the nature of Karuizawa, you will be led to the extraordinary experience of healing and comfort. Get your mind and body relaxed and spend a peaceful moment with our day trip hot spring.

■Opening Hours
  • Adult : 1,600yen
  • Children (3-12 years old) : 900yen
※Bath/face towel usage fees included
Please ask the hotel reception
※No reservation required

Spring Quality & Indications

Spring Quality & Indications image
Spring Source Yamanokami Onsen (Hanamaki Minami Onsen Kyo, Iwate)
pH Value 9.3
Spring Quality Alkaline Simple Hot Spring
Indications Nerve Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Stiff Shoulders, Motor Paralysis, Stiff Joints, Contusion, Twisted Joint, Chronic Digestive Diseases, Hemorrhoid, Excessive Sensitivity to Cold, Recovery from Illness, Soothing Effect, Health Enhancement, etc.